Team member

Nikos Kotsopoulos


MSc, PhD

Health economist with 16 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and related industry. Nikos has held global, regional and local market access positions for the pharmaceutical industry. As a consultant, he has led the development of market access strategies, health economic models, value dossiers, quantitative & qualitative pricing research for therapeutics and vaccines.


GMAS can provide you with payer insights required to formulate your pricing and market access strategy. We use our in-house expertise and a variety of qualitative and quantitative approaches to obtain multi-country payer insights necessary for positioning your product and understanding the driving factors to be applied during the reimbursement process.

Setting the optimal price for a new product

Setting the optimal price for a new product is perhaps the single most important factor in determining the long-term value of your product medical . It is also one of the most difficult challenges for manufacturers, given the complex pricing and reimbursement systems internationally, and the dynamic nature in which markets are inter-related. GMAS has considerable experience in conducting pricing evaluations for new products and life-cycle management including:

  • Qualitative and quantitative pricing research
  • International reference price mapping and dynamic price modelling
  • Price analogue analysis and comparison with therapeutic benchmarks
  • Value-based pricing models to identify optimal price based on attribute assessment.


GMAS has many years of experience formulating market access strategies that reveal the full value of healthcare technologies to decision-makers and payers. Our experience spans all stages of product development and life cycle management working with branded and mature products.

Commercial strategy

In the current healthcare environment, manufacturers can only realise the full commercial potential from their therapies by placing the value to payers benefits to patients and the benefits to patients the value to payers at the centre of their commercial strategy. To ensure successful strategy development, a range of factors are considered, including clinical benefit, comparator pricing, addressing unmet need, economic value, patient benefit – all considered within a changing reimbursement environment and new market entrants.


Working with our extended network of physicians, payers and policy makers, we bring experts together to understand product positioning to shape market access strategy.

Development strategies

Our experience in conducting international and national level advisory boards spanning multiple therapy areas has been successfully used to inform development strategies, commercial assessment, and pricing strategies. We can assist clients in identifying therapeutic and reimbursement experts, develop meeting content, coordinate meeting agenda and participants, and provide detailed output from stakeholder engagement meetings to inform future development and market access strategy.

Systematic Literature Reviews and Meta-Analyses

We have extensive experience designing, conducting and publishing systematic and targeted literature reviews and meta-analyses for implementation in market access, reimbursement and treatment guidelines. We have also conducted systematic literature reviews to identify unmet need, comparators and benchmark performance early in the product lifecycle; and aid in positioning products in the market and formulating value messages. Our experience includes both meta-analyses and network meta-analyses.

Understanding of market dynamics

By applying our understanding of market dynamics in an evolving healthcare environment, we advise our clients on the commercial viability of different in-license opportunities. Furthermore, we can partner with companies seeking out-license opportunities to realize full commercial potential to ensure appropriate contract terms are reached. We have worked at different stages of the in-license and out-license process to inform business planning and opportunity assessment.


A range of economic models can be developed to inform reimbursement and market access decision-makers. Building on our core competencies, we can develop economic models to suit your specific needs. This can include cost-effectiveness models for reimbursement purposes or to shape marketing messages, as well as budget impact assessment to inform national, regional and hospital formulary access decisions. We have successfully developed numerous analyses to inform reimbursement dossiers , and have published economic studies across a wide range of therapeutic areas.

We can provide a full range of analytical services, including:

  • Economic evaluations
    used in Health Technology Assessment (HTA) and pricing and reimbursement submissions, including analyses and written dossiers that have been submitted to the PBAC in Australia; Pharmac in New Zealand; NICE, SMC and AWMSG in the UK; PBB in Finland; Zorginstituutin in the Netherlands; RIZIV in Belgium; and TLV in Sweden
  • Interactive costing tools
    for communicating economic benefits to funding agencies and decision-makers
  • Quantitative value assessments
    for use in value-based pricing or asset price evaluation as part of revenue forecasting or due diligence activities.


The introduction of new medical technologies has the potential to influence a broad range of public expenditures on social support services, disability payments, pension and health costs paid by government. To fully capture the fiscal consequences of disease and how new technologies can influence cross-sectorial public expenditure, GMAS has developed a unique framework that derives these public costs and illustrates the public economic benefits for government.

Modelling framework:

The public economic perspective modelling framework treats health costs as a public investment, and not just a cost. Therefore, it reflects the value of investing in medical technology attributed to gross and net tax revenue to government from improvements in health status.

We provide

The public economic modelling approach has been successfully applied in several policy and reimbursement negotiations. We can provide interested groups with a range of published documents highlighting the fiscal benefits attributed to healthcare interventions and to discuss its application in policy making and reimbursement decisions.


Communicating product value to a wide range of audiences is an essential function in healthcare today considering the broad range of stakeholders and decision-making needs. We have successfully worked with a range of clients to define product value and package relevant content to address the needs of many different stakeholder groups.

We have experience developing a range of communication tools to satisfy different audiences:

  • Internal and external stakeholders:

    Global and national value dossiers (i.e., GVDs), reimbursement and pricing strategy documents, web-based content

  • Healthcare decision-makers:

    Pre-submission documents and reimbursement dossiers, pharmacoeconomic dossiers, formulary packs, tender dossiers, eModels

  • Healthcare experts and decision-makers:

    Peer-reviewed publications, conference abstracts, medical symposia content, trade association journals, conference posters and slide decks

  • Policy makers:

    Policy briefing tools, press releases.


Our range of digital solutions include interactive health economics models and tools for maximising the impact of clinicla and economic value story as well as custom made software solutions for life sciences industry

We deliver our digital solutions through our strategic partnership with Digital Health Outcomes - company specializing on software solutions for HEOR and Market Access.

iPad based cost-consequence calculators

  • interactive budget impact models (BIM)
  • payer engagement tools for field force
  • simple return on investment (ROI) models

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Value communication tools

  • eDetailing apps for external engagement
  • evidence and value story repository
  • interactive GVD and optimised value presentation

Custom software solutions

  • mHealth apps
  • custom build ePRO apps
  • interactive health data visualisations

orphanmedicines ORPHAN MEDICINES

Orphan drugs address significant unmet need and opportunities. In addition to our broad therapeutic experience, GMAS has developed expertise in issues relating to the market access of orphan medicines.

Multi-criteria decision

Furthermore, we have developed a multi-criteria decision analysis tool that can be used by internal stakeholders to assess the innovation of a product and the ideal indication prioritization, and which can be used externally with key opinion leaders, decision makers and payers to demonstrate the product’s value-add that usual cost-effectiveness models don’t offer.